Cutting labour

Sanding/polishing, I'' glass 3,4mm

Sanding/polishing work, I'' glass 5mm

Sanding/polishing work, I'' glass 6mm

Sanding/polishing work, I'' glass 8mm

Sanding/polishing, I'' glass 10mm

Sanding/polishing work, I'' glass 12mm

Sanding/polishing work, I'' duplex glass 3.1.3

Sanding/polishing work, I'' duplex glass 4.1.4

Sanding/polishing work ,I'' duplex glass 5.1.5

Sanding/polishing operation ,C'' glass 3,4mm

Sanding/polishing work ,C'' 5mm glass

Sanding/polishing work, C'' glass 6mm

Grinding/polishing workmanship right, C'' glass 8mm

Sanding/polishing work, C'' glass 10mm

Sanding/polishing work, C'' glass 12mm

Sanding/polishing work, C'' duplex glass 3.1.3

Right hand sanding/polishing workpiece ,C'' duplex glass 4.1.4

Grinding/polishing right hand side ,C'' duplex glass 5.1.5

Sanding/polishing workpiece shape ,C'' glass 3,4mm

Grinding/polishing workpiece shape ,C'' 5mm glass

Grinding/polishing workpiece shape ,C'' glass 6mm

Sanding/polishing workpiece shape ,C'' glass 8mm

Sanding/polishing workmanship shape, C'' glass 10mm

Sanding/polishing workpiece shape ,C'' glass 12mm

Sanding/polishing workpiece shape ,C'' duplex glass 3.1.3

Sanding/polishing workpiece shape ,C'' duplex glass 4.1.4

Sanding/polishing workpiece shape ,C'' duplex glass 5.1.5

Sanding work on the strip (stress relieving for securing)

Right hand phaser glass/oglass 3mm

Right hand phaser glass/oglinda 4,5mm

Right hand phaser glass/oglinda 6,8mm

Hand made phosphatized glass/oglinda 3,4,5,6mm

5,6 hole for glass 4-6mm

5,6 hole for glass 8-12mm

7,8 hole for 4-6mm glass

7,8 hole for 8-12mm glass

10,12,14,16,18,20,22,26,27,30,35 hole for 4-6mm glass

10,12,14,16,18,20,22,26,27,30,35 hole for 8-12mm glass

40,45,50,55 hole for 4-6mm glass

40,45,50,55 hole for 8-12mm glass

60,65 hole for 4-6mm glass

60,65 hole for 8-12mm glass

Hole 70 for 4-6mm glass

Hole 70 for glass 8-12mm

80,90 hole for 4-6mm glass

80,90 hole for 8-12mm glass

100 hole for 4-6mm glass

100 hole for 8-12mm glass

Zencuire hole

Corner machining r=1-10mm for 4-6mm glass

Corner machining r=20-50mm for 4-6mm glass

Corner machining r=1-10mm for 8-12mm glass

Machining corner r=20-50mm for 8-12mm glass

Processing corner r=1-10mm for glass 3.1.3,4.1.4,5.1.5

Corner processing r=20-50mm for glass 3.1.3,4.1.4,5.1.5

Cut-out for hinges, socket

More special cutting (depending on complexity)

4mm thick glass securing work

Handling for securing 5mm thick glass

6mm thick glass securing work

8mm thick glass securing work

10mm thick glass securing work

12mm thick glass securing workmanship

Sandblasting workmanship

Sandblasting workpiece with simple pattern

Sandblasting work with complex pattern

Sandblasting workmanship with foil brought by customer

Anti-stain treatment

Laminating work for unsecured glass

Laminating work for toughened glass

Laminating workmanship with milky white foil

Laminating work with coloured foil

Painting without coating

Painting work with protective coating

Painting work with pattern

Painting job with pattern + protective layer

Painting work with effect (glitter)

Application of protective film on the back of the mirror

Download photo for foiling

Application sandblasted film

Printed foil application

UV bonding

UV bonding f 0-30

UV solder f 30-60

UV solder f 60-100

Contour work (white, transparent, gold, black resin)

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