Producem vitralii clasice, usi sticla, pereti sticla, diverse inchideri sticla, luminatoare, pardoseli sticla. Preturi decente,calitate deosebita.

        Primer Electro Co., started his activity in 1996, with glass shaping , mirror and window producing, transportation and installation of it.
        Our young and dynamic team, is on your disposal, whenever you need it, offering quality and seriousness. We give to our product offers, a flexibility and we personalize them, to be suitable to your needs. Our main goal is to offer to our customers what they need, and what they dream on the glass or mirrors, giving them the best quality and price. This is why we work with Saint Gobain glass. We think that the satisfied customers are the proper way to promote our products.
        Our prices are personalized, and we modify them on every Co-s needs. They depend on the size, model, quantity, transportation needs, and payment due days. If you are part of the EU, than the prices are VAT free.
        Our goal is to make the base of a long term relation with our customers, that is why we are always open for different kinds of collaboration. We hope to be the best solution for you.